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He Principality of Andorra It is located in the Pyrenees, between Spain and France, and has a total of 468 km2. Andorra borders to the south, with the Catalan regions of Cerdaña, Alto Urgell and Pallars Sobirá (Spain) and, for its part, to the north, borders with the departments of l'Ariège and the Pyrénées-Orientales, in the Occitania region (France).

lhe leisure offer in Andorra is wide and for all tastes, aimed at those who enjoy doing activities in contact with nature nature as those who like urban environments. Thus, in addition to skiing, golf, hiking, cycling, mountain sports, leisure and high-performance sports centers, it has a first-class cultural offer with its unique Romanesque heritage, a notable network of museums such as the Carmen Thyssen Museum, music festivals and international shows such as the Cirque du Soleil. And we cannot forget its complete commercial network characterized by a very competitive pricing strategy and a wide product and service offeringas well as an offer gastronomic complete with restaurants to suit all tastes.

ANDn Andorra you can find 2 thermo-leisure centers recreational areas, Caldea and Inúu, where you can rest and share with your family. Another important characteristic of Andorra is the very high level of citizen security that the country has. Education also stands out for its excellence with 4 educational systems that coexist in Andorra: Andorran public (with 3 teaching languages: Catalan, Spanish and French), system French public system Spanish in public and private denominational schools and the International with Agora International and The British College of Andorra.



Andorra It dazzles for its towns-streets, full of shops and hotels, for its large number of monuments in which you can see remains of the Romanesque and Gothic.



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