Ordino Residential Mountain Resort

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Ordino Residential Mountain Resort is the result of the collaboration of 2 companies with extensive experience in the development of exclusive residential projects.

Rafael de la-Hoz Architects

Rafael de la-Hoz Architects, is a multidisciplinary architecture studio with great international projection, based in Madrid, Spain. Since its founding in 1920, it has used design to create dynamic and relevant spaces. He is known for his exceptional architecture and his firm is committed to innovation, sustainability and excellence. The experience and knowledge accumulated during these years has allowed us to develop, together with an experienced team, more than 500 projects in 20 different countries.

Arandel SL

Arandel SL is an Andorran real estate development company belonging to a family group with a track record of more than 40 years in high-end residential construction.



Andorra It dazzles for its towns-streets, full of shops and hotels, for its large number of monuments in which you can see remains of the Romanesque and Gothic.



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